A/C stop working after battery replacement

If the a/c stop working after the battery replacement you should not worry about it, we´ll show you how to fix this problem without spending a cent.

Quick learnings to be done after a battery replacement

After the battery replacement there is a chance that some of your car accesories stop working, the more common fails are:

  • A/C
  • Radio
  • Electric windows
  • Throttle body

This can be consider normal due of the lack of energy from your battery becasue the memories of the ECU´s of your car are powerless.

This is not something you should worry about, most of the times this adjusments are automated by the ECU´s with in a reasonable amount of time.

Some of this accesories can be reprogrammed by the user following directions.

If your radio ask for a pin number to be turn on after battery replacement you can read our post about how to insert the radio pin code.

Now if after the battery replacement your motor turn off on a full stop or just by releasing the accelerator pedal you can visit our post about the quick learning of the throttle body.

Why does the A/C stop working after battery replacement?

This is not a common failure but if this happens dont worry about it

The A/C on modern cars has a micro procesor inside the A/C control panel.

This panel and other ECU´s in your car after the battery power loss are energy less and their memories are wipe out.

The A/C control panel
The A/C control panel

After some time (around 15-20 minutes) the body module recognize the A/C control panel and it just start working again.

Some cars can be accesed with a proper scanner and be diagnose with a quick learning feature, this is quicker but for sure you will have to pay for the service.

Fuse inspection

Rarely after a battery replacement some fuses may fail, a quick inspection is very simple and it doesn´t require any equipment to be replaced or inspected.

There be a chance that a fuse is damaged and this also could be a reason for the A/C malfunction.

If you want to know about how to inspect fuses you can read our articule about electrical failures.

We hope you find our post helpful and if you have any question please let a comment below.

Why the A/C stop working after a battery replacement?

On automatic temperature A/C this could be a common failure, inside the A/C control panel there is a microprocesor that after the energy loss their memory could be wipe out and needs to be relearn.

How does the A/C quick learning is performed?

Most of the times the quick learning is automatic, after a shor time (15-20 minutes) the Body Module performs it and the A/C will start working again.

Does the A/C control panel can be damaged with a battery replacement?

No, the battery replacement doesn´t damage any electrical component.


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